Rare Matchcovers / Matchbooks (back)

Late 1890's / early 1900's Diamond matchcover flats. Each has the "Patented Sept 27, 1892 (Licensed) Match" wording that is so highly desired. Made by the Diamond Match Co of N.Y., these are very early salesman samples.


Diamond Quality (DQ) matchbooks and covers, made by the Diamond Match Co. in the 1920's - 30's, are always a hot item with collectors. There is an old saying "to watch a collector salivate, just wave a DQ in front of them." Here is one of the first true novelty books, it's a rarely seen DQ Golf-Tee full matchbook with all the original red tee's still in place. Not an easy find, since the tee's are known to fit loose and fall out.



Diner matchcovers are a very popular category. On the top of every collectors list is this Toto's Zeppelin Dine & Dance club. Built in 1933, it was destroyed in a fire just a few years later. Many consider this to be a valuable cover. One thing is for certain; is is very difficult to locate in any condition.


Truman inagural dinner matchbook dated January 19, 1949

The clandestine story behind the Truman/Barkley match book shown above: Apparently, only one case of each (gold tipped & blue tipped match sticks) were made; the gold were for the head table and other political notables, while the blue were for the several hundred who also attended the dinner. President Truman did not learn about the match books until he arrived at the dinner, and had certainly not authorized the use of his photograph.

Bob was a government employee during the Roosevelt & Truman administrations, and was an invited guest, with his wife Elizabeth, to the gathering that night. Having been an avid matchbook collector and one of the original founders of the first recognized matchcover collecting club in America, he gathered several of each color for his personal collection and his friends in the club.

That evening, well after they had gone to sleep, two Secret Service men knocked at their hotel room door. They asked bob, dressed in his pajamas, if he and his wife had been at the dinner...as if they didn't already know. Further questioning lead to whether or not he had picked up his matchbook favor (which was a blue tipped) placed at each dinner setting. When the Secret Service agents insisted on confiscating the matchbooks, Bob stood on his ground and told them to "get lost!" Apparently, the Secret Service men left without further argument.


top hat matchbook

One of three known kinds of a Model matchbooks. Considered an experiment at best, these look like a contour but have much larger sticks. Not too many survived. The example above is a full book.


Sports Examples


While not necessarily rare, this is one of the most famous matchbook in the sports category. It has everything a collector is looking for; printed wood sticks, giant size, dated, several ads, and two famous sports figures and colorful. Oh, not to mention it was one of the biggest fights of the century!

Jack Dempsey restaurant full matchbook Jack Dempsey restaurant custom double cover real picture matchbook


Jack Dempsey on top of being one of the greatest fighters of all time, was also a very successful businessman. His Jack Dempsey restaurant was very popular and has had several popular matchbooks issued advertising it through many years.

Two of the very toughest matchbooks to find from Dempsey's are the black & white double cover, featuring a souvenir real photograph of either a male patron or a female patron.


jake la motta matchbook

Tough Jake La Motta lounge and package store matchcover. His establishment was short lived.


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