Large Privacy Curtain


This is a spectacular example of a large 5' x 4' off-white curtain with nine brass 25 mm rings. It is speculated that this may have been used in the 2nd class berths, possibly on D deck, as a privacy divider between the double bunks. Although faded and hardly noticeable, it has a fruit bordered bottom with ten fruit prints. It is slightly stained with some open and mended tears.

As the story is told; to bring a reminder of home during WW II, it was brought aboard the HMCS Avalon and accidentally bleached when laundered, fading the colorful border. It is unknown if this was made as a curtain specifically for Titanic or sewn sometime later. Another item auctioned off in Belfast by White Star Line just after the sinking where it stayed in the same family until 1998. It is believed to be the world's single largest piece of Titanic fabric in existence. A fabulous piece of history worthy of the finest museum display.

Close up of one of the nine 25mm brass rings

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