WSL Buttons

Displayed is a selection of original White Star Line officer's buttons. The largest is a gilt coat jacket button measuring 1" in diameter, the second is 3/4" and the small button measures 5/8".

While WSL had a company called Waterbury make these gold-toned brass buttons for several years, they changed briefly to a company called Rayner & Sons of Liverpool from 1910 - 1912. Each officer WSL officer, to include those on Titanic, may have worn these. This fact can be confirmed by a button retrieved from Fifth Officer Harold Lowe who was in charge of lifeboat #14. It is also clearly documented in a number of books to include "Titanic ~ Illustrated History" by Lynch/Marschall and Guernsey's 2004 Titanic auction catalog. It also must be noted that an officer's coat button made by G. Miller & Sons was recovered in the debris field.


WSL coat button owned by Titanic Officer Edenser Wheelton
This is a WSL Officers Coat button personally owned/worn by Titanic surviving Victualing Crewman Edenser Wheelton (1884-1949).


  These buttons are from the Cunard Line and are most likely from an officers coat or jacket.  

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